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Timothy Baden Drake Johnson

20 Kenwood Rd
Fish Hoek 7975
South Africa



I have already achieved recognition as a Naval Officer and now I want to achieve the same as an artist. And of course, they both contribute to happiness and self-realisation.


1st Prize: SANDF 5th Anniversary Art Competition (Jul 99)

Director Fleet Quality Assurance(1 Apr 99 - Date)

My days are full confirming the operational status of the South African Navy Fleet Command. I paint at night and on weekends when time and my state of mind permit! Commissions are flowing steadily and I owe a few paintings to various people. I am concentrating on oils & alkyds, but itching to do some more loose watercolours.

Transformation Project Officer (1 Nov 97 - Date)

Just to limit my time even further, I was made Transformation Project Officer for Fleet Command in 1997. There were plenty of commissions in this year, mainly portraits and lots of farewell gifts as various colleagues left the Navy.

Director Test & Evaluation (1 Jan 96 - 1 Apr 99)

Based at Naval Headquarters in Pretoria, I had very little time to paint and my living conditions were also not conducive to artistic creativity so my output for this year (1996) was limited.

Senior Directing Staff, Naval Staff College (1 Jan 94 - 31 Dec 95)

Some very happy years immersed in the world of academia, directing the Navy Senior Command & Staff Course. A number of portraits and maritime paintings, including a set of six paintings of ships of the South African Navy for the Navy's 75th anniversary celebrations. These were also printed as a limited edition set which sold well.

Student at the Academia de Guerra Naval, Valparaiso, Chile (20 Dec 92 - 31 Dec 93)

A most wonderful year in Chile with totally new sights to experience and paint, many new friends and acquiring the ability to read, write and speak Spanish. I tried to focus on the architecture and environment and many of the paintings in the Building Gallery come from this Chilean "Era". I still have hundreds of photographs and memories stored up for many more paintings that I want to do when I have the time!

Officer in Charge, Naval Weapons Analysis Section (1 Jan 87 - 20 Dec 92)

Great years doing weapons analysis and learning a lot about video and computer processing of images. Very useful in my painting and I got to do a lot of travelling too. During this time I also exhibited a few times, but commissions took up most of my time and I never seemed to be able to build up enough stock for a full exhibition.

Strike Craft Flotilla (1 Jan 77 - 31 Dec 86)

Probably my best years in the Navy... I served in many different posts on various ships in the Strike Craft Flotilla, the SA Navy's primary surface combat fleet based in Durban. Naturally, many of my works from this era are maritime of nature and there are many memories that I still want to record in the form of paintings... maybe when I retire!

I got married in 1982 and held the last of my solo exhibitions (sold out) in 1985.

Joined the Navy (1975)

Solo Exhibitions

Cape Town 1985
Cape Town 1979
Cape Town 1975
Cape Town 1974